Hey! I’m an MIT computer science graduate 🎓, originally hailing from Los Angeles, CA ☀️, currently based in NYC 🏙️. Engineering creative and scalable solutions to complex and impactful problems makes me happy.

I also love watching sunsets 🌅, driving cool cars 🚗, and watching sunsets while driving cool cars 😎. If I’m not developing, you’ll find me in the gym trying to perfect my weightlifting technique 🏋🏻, driving around LA with friends 🌊, or trying to get better at Go.

This is a simple static site that serves as my personal landing page and a place to write things down that I want to look back on.

I didn’t want to add another blog styled personal website talking about various software engineering topics created by a career software engineer to the millions of portfolio websites that already exist. I created this site because I want a space to write down my thoughts and reactions to whatever I encounter throughout my career over the years, be it about software or about something more personal. If you want to get a better understanding of my technical background, refer to my resume.

📱 Contact Me

Email: jasyang@mit.edu